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Top 6 Benefits of Home Solar Panels

The decision to hire a solar installation company to upgrade your home to an eco-friendlier property involves a lot of decision-making and weighing of pros and cons. When you learn these benefits of home solar panels, you will be more eager than ever before to take the next step. The advantages outweigh any possible doubts you may still hold in your mind, and they run the gamut from environmental consciousness to financial intelligence and beyond.

When you ask yourself, "Are solar panels worth it?" these six benefits will help you answer with a resounding "Yes!"

1 – Minimizes Monthly Utility Bills

For homeowners, financial benefits outweigh others in many cases. If you have solar panels working hard on your roof, you will not have to pay as much every month for electricity. While the amount of savings will change based on season and conditions, it can make a big difference.

2 – Earn Money for Selling Solar

In New Jersey, the cost of going solar is offset because you can sell back extra electricity to the power grid. Imagine getting a deposit in your account every month instead of paying an electric bill. It is possible for some homeowners. The state also has the TREC program that allows you to sell these special certificates based on the amount of energy your property generates.

3 – Enjoy Tax Benefits

Both the federal government and New Jersey offer tax incentives for solar installation costs. Through the end of 2022, you can enjoy a federal tax credit of 26% for your solar purchase. In 2023, at 22%, but it may change after that. New Jersey offers a great tax incentive, too. In a state with already high property taxes, the rules state that yours cannot go up because of increased property value from a solar roof.

4 – Gives a Boost to Property Value

People want alternative energy sources and built-in utility savings when they go to buy a new home. If your house has solar already in place when you sell, you may get a higher final price than you expect.

5 – Improves Energy Independence

Although this may not matter to all people, the ability to make energy for your home without reliance on the official power grid is a benefit some enjoy. Although solar panels do not act as a generator on their own, you know you are doing your part for energy production.

6 – Environmental Benefits

Whether it gives you peace of mind or you are passionate about a greener lifestyle, the installation of solar panels helps you achieve these goals. This way of making power reduces your reliance on coal burning power plants and fossil fuels and minimizes your carbon footprint. Just imagine how pollution would get better if everyone chose solar for their home.

No matter what your favorite benefits of home solar panels are, you can enjoy all of them when you take the step to upgrade your home to an environmentally conscious powerplant. You get peace of mind that you are doing your part for a greener world while saving money every month and on your yearly taxes. What could be better than that? Request a quote from Steve Whitman Solar today!

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