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Why Choose Eco-Friendly Residential Solar?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Some of the main reasons homeowners look at residential solar power systems are:

  • minimizing reliance on the power grid

  • making their property greener, and

  • being more eco-friendly.

While there are many other benefits to having solar electric panels installed on your roof, the environmental factors often influence the final decision. If you do not know the specifics about these advantages yet, read on to make your plan for solar panels even simpler.

No Fossil Fuels or Greenhouse Gases

Production of electrical energy for residential use is a huge cause for reliance on fossil fuels and a major producer of pollution in the form of greenhouse gases and more. These things have caused innumerable problems for the Earth's air, water, land, and climate. When you choose solar electric panels for your home, you can become part of the solution instead of exacerbating the problem.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, full reliance on solar for a single-family home reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over seven tons. Other statistics indicate saving more than two tons of coal burning annually, which is a considerable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Electric Panels Are Increasingly Recyclable

Of course, the manufacture of solar panels and all associated necessary parts is not a 100% eco-friendly process. Manufacturing anything in the world today usually involves materials and energy sources that may contribute to pollution. Questions arise about the environmental impact when solar panels stop working, too. It is great to know that advances in solar power technology have made the components more recyclable than ever before.

Also, as more incentives to use solar appear, more effort is put into the research that makes them greener all the time. When you choose a residential solar power system, you become part of the new focus on eco-friendly manufacturing, power production, and more.

Increased Efficiency Leads to More Widespread Use

Research and development into solar power systems has increased considerably over the past decades, and continues to march forward at a swift pace. As concerns about the global climate skyrocket, solar has become one of the ideals to focus on for both residential and commercial applications. Every person like you who chooses eco-friendly solar helps propel the world in the right direction when it comes to minimizing pollution and reliance on oil and coal.

As environmental issues become even more important in the world today, choosing solar power for home installation represents a wise choice in your quest for a greener lifestyle. These eco-friendly benefits can help you make up your mind about contacting Steve Whitman Solar soon and taking the first step on your journey to a smarter home energy system.

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